For Android Phone:

  1. Open the “Settings App” on your smartphone device.
  2. Go to the search option and type “NFC” or “Near Field Communication”
  3. If you see the app showing results, then your smartphone supports NFC technology.

For Apple iPhone:

All Apple iPhones 6 and above support NFC.

For Android Phone:
  • On your NFC supported Android device, open the Settings app.
  • Select Connected devices.
  • Tap on Connection preferences.
  • You should see the NFC option. Hit it.
  • Toggle the NFC option on.
For Apple iPhone:
  • All Apple iPhones X and above, by default has Background NFC Tag reading feature
For Apple iPhones 6 to 8, Open Settings > Select Control Center > Scroll and tap the green plus button on the left of NFC Tag Reader
Then you may have to swipe the control centre screen on your Iphone from the left bottom corner and choose NFC tag reader option to TAP!

Buddy infotainment wristband is a Digital Tap n Xplore World of personal and business details in the form of photos, videos, brochures, important documents, social media accounts, Business Card and much more. There’s also a special zone for you called MyZone which can be accessed only through a secret PIN which you have defined at the time of activation.

Buddy wristband is a NFC enabled Smartband which can enable you or your friends to access your sharable photos, videos, social media handles with just one-tap or scan. It is also a contactless mode and needs no power or recharge to function!

No, you are not required to download any app to use Buddy Wristband. This feature saves your phone storage space.

Tap your NFC phone against the wave icon and fill the required details. Alternatively, you can scan the QR code shared with you. In case you need any more assistance please write to us on buddy@cosmicinfotech.com with your Buddy serial number.

Buddy wristband comes in 3 sizes- Small, Medium and Large. We are confident that one of the options will definitely be a good fit for your wrist. Small fits wrists 6 inch. Medium fits wrists 7 inch and Large fits wrists 8 inch.

Buddy is widely available across leading e-commerce websites and retail outlets.

You can also shop the buddy wristband from www.cosmicinfotech.com/buddy 

We have several designs readily available for you to choose!

Shop on www.cosmicinfotech.com/buddy  or leading e-commerce sites or simply walk-in to your nearest store and ask for Buddy!

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Yes! We have provided you with My Zone which can be accessed only through a secret PIN (which you have defined at the time of activation ).. You can store your personal photos, video links, documents or even create notes. No one will be able to access this zone without entering the secret PIN.

Yes of course! That’s one of the key features of Buddy. A contactless and paperless mode of sharing your business details through just one-tap or scan to anyone.

Buddy is fully loaded with very useful features for a quick access, storage and share of your personal and business details viz Photos, Videos, Documents, Business Card, Social Media Handles, Music, Notes and much more.

MyZone is a very unique and personalised feature of Buddy Wristband, designed specially for you. Here you can store and access your personal photos, video, music, documents and even create and edit notes. No one accept you shall be able to access this through a Secret 6-digit PIN set by you during activation.

Hey! We understand this with so many passwords to remember. Just click on Forgot PIN link below the box to enter the PIN. We shall send you One Time Password ( OTP ) on your registered number to verify you. Once done, you shall be able to set your new Secret PIN for MyZone.

We appreciate your interest. You may write us with your contact details on buddy@cosmicinfotech.com for further interactions in this regard.

We are sorry to hear that. Currently we can deactivate your buddy to prevent anyone from accessing the content.

For the same you may write to us on buddy@cosmicinfotech.com alongwith your registered Name, Mobile Number and Serial Number to assist you further

Buddy comes with a Smart Integrated Electronic Chip. Hence It is advisable to avoid exposure to direct sunlight or water/liquid to prevent damage

Your registered mobile number is an important identity in the system as the authorised owner of the buddy. Hence it is important to retain the mobile number for hassle free continued access to owner’s rights. However, change of handset has no impact on your ownership rights.

In an unfortunate case of misplacing / loosing your Buddy, you may write to us on buddy@cosmicinfotech.com alongwith your registered Name, Mobile Number and Serial Number to assist you further.