About Buddy – Tap n Xplore 

Buddy is the latest addition to various technology enabled innovations of Cosmic Information & Technology Ltd., India’s leading Consumer Engagement Solutions Provider, based in Ahmedabad, having served over 4000 brands and enterprises pan-India.
Buddy products are developed to facilitate people with an extremely useful and easy-to-use interface to connect in just a TAP!
All Buddy products are fully loaded with very useful features for a quick access, content management, sharing of  personal as well as business details and much more  through any NFC enabled mobile phone with just a single tap. We also provide a ready-to-scan QR Code to access the same functionality on all other devices which do not support NFC currently. 
At the heart of our offering is TapHere, a Made-in-India platform which leverages the wonders of various latest contactless technologies to offer a dynamic Content Management Platform and complements the power of all our Buddy products.  

Form factors of Buddy

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Advantages of Buddy

  • No apps required
  • Contactless
  • No Power
  • iOS/Android Compatible
  • NFC + QR Code
  • Easy to carry
  • Personalized
  • Can’t Lose this!
  • Make a Fashion Statement
  • Be a True Geek!
  • Easily Available at Leading outlets and E-commerce websites.

What is a Buddy Infotainment Wristband?

Buddy infotainment wristband is a NFC enabled Smartband which can enable you or your friends to access your sharable photos, videos, social media handles with just one-tap or scan. It is also a contactless mode and needs no power or recharge to function. It is both iOS and Android compatible.
Buddy is fully loaded with very useful features for a quick access, storage and share of your personal and business details viz Photos, Videos, Documents, Business Card, Social Media Handles, Music, Notes and much more.

How to use the Buddy Wristband?

   Step 1  –   Open the Pack

   Step 2  – Tap on the (wave) icon with your NFC-enabled phone.




   Step 2  – Alternatively you may scan the QR code displayed on the card in the pack.

   Step 3  –  Complete One-time Activation step.

     Step 4  – Upload your personal/business information from your Phone to Buddy for a one-tap access

  Step 5 –  That’s it!! Xplore your personal infotainment World!

Powered by TapHere – An initiative of Cosmic Information & Technology Ltd.